Is Import or Co2 Tax payable in your case ?

You can import your vehicle completely tax free, if you have owned it for six months or more ( name on registration document/title ) and it is imported when you arrive to live in Spain. 

This is significant, as tax is based on a combination of the Spanish fiscal valuation of the vehicle, and the Co2 emissions figure ( see figures below )

However, the tax may not be as much as you think ,especially for Co2 efficient or Electric/Hybrid vehicles.

Co2 tax payable

0 to 120 grms. Zero tax

121 to 159 grms. 4.75% of Spanish fiscal value

160 to 199 grms. 9.75% of Spanish fiscal value.

200 grms or above. 16% of Spanish fiscal value.

We will access your personal situation to advise of your tax free eligibility , or calculate the taxes payable accuratly for you.

It is always advisable to have the registration document in your name, regardless of your entitlement to a tax free importation, as otherwise a further 6% transmission tax is attracted !