Laws on use of Foreign plated vehicles in Spain




There is often varied and inaccurate advice given in terms of what the law says regarding the use of a non Spanish Vehicle on the roads in Spain, and driving licenses.


                                                            The facts

It is illegal to use a foreign registered vehicle in Spain for more than six months. After this timeframe has passed, it must be either transferred to Spanish plates, or taken off the road. If it is then taken back to the country were it is registered, it cannot return for 6 months. IE, it cannot be simply driven out of spain and then back in again straight away.

It is illegal to drive a foreign plated vehicle in Spain, if you hold a Spanish driving licence, regarless of how long it has been in Spain. You should import it straight away.

It is also illegal to drive a Spanish plated vehicle if you have a foreign driving licence, and you are resident in Spain. You should change the licence to a Spanish one.

(The timeframe for changing a UK licence to a Spanish one ,post Brexit, has been changed several times, so we adivise to take correct legal advice on this issue until it is resolved)

A Spanish ITV test is worthless on a non Spanish Vehicle (although the ITV centre may put it through and charge accordingly)

It must be fully road legal in the country where it is registered,meaning foreign MOT test, road tax and insurance. This can easily be verified online by the Guardia Civil if you are stopped,or in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident.

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